Women's jackets

The time has come to put the finishing touches to your clothing. Padded jackets, reefer jackets, biker jackets, perfecto jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets : discover the latest collection of Morgan women's ready-to-wear and make your choice. When the clouds move in, put on wool jackets, reefer jackets… Fake fur will keep us warm in the winter. Leopard, zebra and other animal prints will be appreciated by daring fashionistas. As last year, we choose cloaks to look trendy but never over-the-top! When it’s getting colder, let yourself be tempted by our women’s padded coats. Long or short, long sleeve or sleeveless padded coats are some essential pieces updated by Morgan to keep warm without losing an ounce of style. For a fashion attitude, choose a biker or leather jacket. For an outing with friends, put on your denim jacket to enhance a casual style! For a urban style, rely on a slim fit suit jacket which gives structure to your body or even on a belted trench coat that underlines your waist. For a special occasion, rock a stylish jacket delicately made of embroidery or tweed shop your own chic look! New chic will be part of your closet!