Bar à pantalon

The guide for a perfect fit

Finding your body's best pants is not easy. We know how the right pair can make you fell taller, thinner, even happier! That's why we propose you a guide for a perfect fit depends on your body shape. Let's shop the good one !



Between skinny and regular fit pants. They will make your legs look longer than they are.


Denim care

To avoid fading yout true blues, you should wash them every 8 or 10 wears. Turn your jean inside out, use cold water, and set your washing machine on a gentle cycle. Washing machine is acceptable, however the dryer is not recommended, it's best to hang your jeans up to air dry.


They take the shape of your legs and trace it all along. If you have sexy legs, these are for you.


Details make the difference

To make sure to choose the pants that suit you best, it is important to consider the details. First, the pockets have to fulfill their function without the keys or the mobile damaging the pants. The quality of buttons and rivets of the pockets, give the pants a touch of style and originality. Finally, the little pocket on the right leg, provides a perfect finish to the pants


Similar to skinny, they are not full length and stop a little above your shins.


Which shape for which pants?


Great fit till the knees and then subtly open out past your calf muscles.