georgia may jagger
georgia may jagger

This is not your first collaboration with a clothing brand. This time, why Morgan, what does the brand mean to you?

I love doing designing and clothing collaborations with brands. Obviously, Morgan is a really great brand so it was really exciting that they asked me to do the collaboration, and I think the brand represents a strong, sophisticated woman.

How did you find inspiration for this capsule collection, what was your desire?

We really were inspired by working for lots of different women but also by the fabrics, the lace and the prints, the ikat… Fabrics and fit are really important to me, so I think it’s a really amazing mixture of stuff for daytime / nighttime and with really strong looks for night, especially the orangey-red dresses.

georgia may jagger
georgia may jagger

We suspect that you must like all the pieces of the collection, but what is

1) the one that suits you the most : Red trousers and top

2) the one that stands out from all the others: the white dress

3) the one that is easy to wear during the day and evening: the long ikat print dress

What are for you the essentials to have in your wardrobe ?

Tailored suits, daytime dresses from Vivienne Westwood, my leather jacket and different pairs of boots.

georgia may jagger
georgia may jagger

What is the piece / accessory that makes you indulge each time / that you collect ?

Shoes !

What is your relationship to fashion, is it a world that has always attracted you ?

I think that our relationship with our clothes is really important. It’s a way to express ourselves as individuals. I think everybody needs clothes, so it’s like an art form its own weird way.

georgia may jagger
georgia may jagger

What is your iconic designer / creator and why ?

Alexander McQueen because he was just such a young visionary and he really created his own world and own look. I really like it when you know who designed the piece from a brand, and I think that he had a really great vision. Also Vivienne Westwood because she took style that was from history, from Elizabethan times from hundreds of years ago and made that modern. That’s really interesting.

Sneakers or pumps ?


Leather or denim ?


georgia may jagger
georgia may jagger

After these successful collaborations, can we expect to see your own clothing / brand line one day ? Is this something that might interest you ?

I would like to, one day maybe, do my own brand. It’s not top of my list of things to do because I think that a lot of people have fashion brands out there and if I was to do one I’d want it to really be me and something different from what other people are doing.

Georgia May Jagger Interview for Voici Magazine

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